About us

Damate Group is a Russian agricultural holding, involved in four businesses: turkey production and processing; dairy farming; milk processing; and lamb production. The main company’s production facilities are located in Penza and Tyumen regions, as well as in Stavropol Territory. More than 5800 people work at Damate’s facilities throughout the country.

Damate Group is the leading producer of turkey meat in Russia. According to the results of 2018, Damate produced 88 thousand tons of turkey meat, which is 33% more than the same figure of the previous period. The company continues to implement a project to expand its production capacity up to 155 thousand tons per year by 2020. The expansion project includes the construction of additional sites for turkey growing and fattening, launch of the Europe’s largest poultry processing plant, expansion of the existing elevator and feed mill capacity, construction of a plant for deep processing of turkey. Besides, technological transport and additional land plots are acquired.

Damate Group includes the largest milk processor in the region the Penza dairy processing plant. The existing capacity of the plant allows processing up to 300 tons of raw milk per day. By the end of 2018, Molkom had produced 44.5 thousand tons of dairy products. Currently, the plant has launched the next modernization stage of production facilities, over the last three years the amount of investment has totaled to more than one billion rubles.

Damate Group built in Tyumen region a dairy complex for 4,600 heads which is the largest in Siberia. The project was implemented jointly with Danone, which buys out the entire volume of milk produced. In 2018, the company increased the production of raw milk up to 32.3 thousand tons, which is 5 times more than in 2017. By 2019 the company plans to reach the design capacity and increase the gross milk yield up to 42 thousand tons. In summer 2018, Damate decided to expand the livestock complex from 4,600 up to 6,000 heads. As a result of the project, the gross milk production of Damate Group will be 150 tons per day or 55 thousand tons per year.

Damate continues to develop crop production in Penza and Tyumen regions. In 2018, Damate produced 25.6 thousand tons of crops; in 2019 it plans to double this figure. The total amount of land managed by the company in 2018 was 46 thousand hectares, the company plans to expand the land bank.

At the end of 2018, Damate Group has started a new business – a project for lamb production in the Stavropol Territory. The goal of the project is to create a production site for sheep fattening and slaughtering with a capacity of up to 15 thousand tons per year. The implementation period of the project is one year and a half.