DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 January 2019


The brooding of young birds moved from the hatchery is conducted in 36 special brooding farms that are located in Nizhnelomovsky districts. The brooding farms are distanced from each other not less than on 300 m for considerations of biological safety. As part of the expansion project of the GC Damate to 100 thousand tons in carcass weight per year it is planned to put into operation an additional 36 brooding farms.

The brooding farms receive day-old poults of White Wide-Breasted breed of Hybrid Converter cross.

Each brooding farm has 4 barns with deep litter system of poultry management. The area of each barn is 2.558 sq. m. Each brooding barn is designed to accommodate 25,200 heads of birds simultaneously. The technology requires that the brooding barns locate 15 m from each other and that the one-aged birds are placed into each barn. The principle “all-in all-out” (the barns are filled or the barns are empty) should be followed.

Each of 4 barns of the brooding farm has a special computer room with the panel for automatic control of all systems in the barns, including the brooding barn. In order to satisfy all standards of the poultry management the following special systems are installed:

  •  feeding system that includes a tank filled with feed (capacity 17.5 cu. m and 9.6 cu. m) from which the feed along lines with special dosing units gets into the receiving hopper from where it is directed to the feed dispensing line;  after commissioning of its own feed plant it will cover completely the requirements in feed;
  • watering system – includes water supply line and nipple drinking units. Water is fed from own water wells (there are 3 wells 470 m deep each) after its purification and sanitary treatment. The feeding and drinking systems are supplied by Company Roxell (Belgium), the Europe’s leading supplier of technological equipment for poultry farms;
  • medication system for birds vaccination via drinking systems;
  • ventilation system of the mixed type – in summer tunnel ventilation is used, while in spring, autumn and winter the vent-holes and fans are used. The ventilation equipment is supplied by Company Lassan Enterprise.

The poultry brooding barns are also provided with the automatic climate-control systems maintaining the optimal temperature regime for birds. These climate-control systems not only maintain automatically the atmosphere most comfortable for birds and perform daily monitoring through the whole period of growing, but also record and keep the temperature and other data for the whole 42 days of birds staying in these brooding barns.

The barns are also equipped with gas brooders for the period of setting (during 7 days) to ensure local temperature regime. A total of 40 brooders are installed that are capable to keep the temperature at a poult level to 380C and the background air temperature of about 250C.

Only three specialists (operators of poultry farms and mechanized farms) are required for servicing as all processes are automatic here.

In the brooding farms the day-old poults are kept to 42 days and after that they are moved to the growing farms.