DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

16 February 2019

Company Profile

DAMATÉ Group is a Russian agricultural holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing; dairy farming; and milk processing. The main company’s production facilities are located in Penza and Tyumen regions. 

By the results of 2016 DAMATÉ Group has become the largest producer of turkey meat in Russian Federation. The company produced 74, 000 tons of turkey meat in live weight or 60,8 thousand tons in slaughter weight. Comparing with 2015, the production output increased by 75%. The company is currently implementing a project to increase its production capacity up to 110, 000 tons per annum. It will take two years to implement the project. Following the expansion of production capacity it’s planned to double the hatchery capacity and the number of poultry houses for brooding as well as to construct additional poultry fattening houses. The elevator’s and the feed mill’s storage capacities will be increased and a new poultry processing plant will be built. DAMATÉ Group offers a wide range of Indilight branded turkey meat processed foods. The product range includes over 300 turkey meat items. The company has signed agreements with all the federal chain retailers. Turkey meat products are exported and delivered to stores, to seven out of nine federal districts of Russia.  In 2012 the largest processor of milk in the Penza region - the dairy processing plant Molcom joined DAMATÉ Group. It comprises two production sites – one in Penza and one in Belinsky with aggregate processing capacity of up to 500 tons of milk per day.

The plant is currently undergoing its largest modernization in thirty years the main aims of which are to improve the quality of products, to increase the processing volumes and to expand the product range. 

The cheese production plant in Belinsky joined DAMATÉ Group in 2013. After the full reconstruction its design processing capacity was increased to 200 tons of raw milk per day. The plant specializes in production of semi-hard cheeses. These are made of natural milk only, using fermentation starters and enzymes. 

The product range includes over 100 items produced under Molcom and Damate brands. The products are sold in Penza region and delivered to a number of other regions of the country.

As a result of appearance of several projects for dairy farming DAMATÉ Group increased the number of business activities. The first significant event in this direction was the signing of the agreement between the government of Tyumen region and DAMATÉ for construction of a modern dairy complex for 4600 heads. The main partner of the company in this project is DANONE. In 2017 the first stage of livestock delivery to the plant in a number of 3100 cows was completed. The complex will be put into operation in July 2017. After reaching full production capacity it will be the largest in the region and will produce 44,7 thousand tons of milk per annum.

DAMATÉ Group demonstrates stable and positive development, initiates new projects and what is more important, implements them exactly to plan and on scheduled time. DAMATÉ employs one of the strongest teams in the agricultural sector. They have successfully completed dozens of projects of varying complexity all across Russia. Many years of experience, in-depth market knowledge and grasp of modern technologies, as well as established contacts with leading Russian and foreign suppliers allow DAMATÉ to set ambitious goals, and achieve excellent results. More than 3500 people work at DAMATÉ facilities throughout Russia.