DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

16 February 2019

DAMATE awarded the best merchants

From 25th till 27th July, the events devoted to the day of the trade worker took place at the enterprises of DAMATE Group. The best employees of the company's commercial block were awarded with recognition certificates, letters of thanks, diplomas and memorable gifts. 19 employees received departmental awards of various levels, 69 employees were awarded internal certificates of acknowledgment and diplomas of the company. In total, more than 150 employees took part in the activities.

DAMATE organized a solemn event in the House of the Governor of Penza. The honorable guests of the event were the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Lidin Valery Kuzmich and the Minister of Agriculture of Penza region Burlakov Andrey Nikolayevich, as well as the partners of DAMATE Group.

Solemn part was started with watching a documentary film about the development of Indilight and Molcom, the achievements of commercial exploitation.

The awarding ceremony was opened by the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Penza region Lidin Valery Kuzmich, who presented the staff the Honorary letters of the Legislative Assembly of Penza region, of the Ministry of Agriculture of Penza region. The employees were handed by the Minister of Agriculture Burlakov Andrey Vyacheslavovich. The management of the holding marked employees who have been working in the company since the foundation and are directly related to success, they have received certificates of acknowledgment from DAMATE.

The results of the contest "Best in Profession", which was conducted for the employees of the commercial service, were summed up at the event. 45 employees took part in the competition. Employees were assessed on the basis of a five-mark grading system by several criteria: the performance of KPI indicators, evaluation of knowledge by categories and types of sales, evaluation of key and professional competencies from colleagues and the manager. Six employees of the Trading Houses became the winners of the competition.

"Holding of a professional skills competition has become a tradition. This year, the assessment of professional skills and competencies was conducted in a new remote format based on the corporate training portal Damate, which significantly shortened the time of evaluation and processing of the results. Annually, the competition generates great interest from employees of the commercial unit. Three out of six winners became the best for the second year in a row and were enlisted in the company's personnel reserve", - commented the Deputy CEO for HR Management Polina Konnova.

At the end of the event, the heads of the commercial services DAMATE Group initiated the foundation of the museum and handed over the first exhibits: a copy of the very first contract for the supply of Indilight products, a package design of the first product output of Indilight, the first STM label design of Molcom product, and also the breadboard model of the first Molcom products in PET bottles in 2012.


July 30, 2018