DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

16 February 2019

DAMATE Group updated the website of its own brand Indilight

DAMATE Group updated the website Indilight, having done it more convenient for consumers.

DAMATE Group updated the website of its own brand Indilight - https://indilight.ru/ under which turkey meat products are produced. The update made the website even more accessible and convenient for consumer usage. The general design of the website was updated, as well as the format of a number of sections.

The home page illustrates interactive scheme of turkey cutting process. By clicking on a part of the carcass, you open the assortment of products and recipes with a selected semi-finished product.

Moreover, the section "Recipes" has been complemented by video recipes, thanks to which visitors of the website have an opportunity to see a step-by-step cooking process. In the section "Dishes from a Chef" a consumer can find the recipes specially developed for Indilight by leading practicing chefs. Another innovation in this section was a calculator, which allows you to calculate the number of products depending on the number of portions.

It is now possible to select with a single click a recipe for any type of Indilight product in "Products" section. Products produced according to production standards for halal compliance are marked with a special sign.  Site visitors, living in Moscow and Moscow region, can now choose a product they like and order it in a couple of minutes in the online store "Utkonos."

The format of the section "Where to buy" has been updated as well. Now a visitor can choose his/her city, and the site will offer stores where  chosen Indilight branded products are available.

Modern high-tech production, where the international requirements of sanitary and biological safety are strictly observed - guarantee of high quality products. A video unit appeared on the home page, where visitors can watch a video about the stages of turkey meat production.

October 16, 2017