DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

23 January 2019


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What is Halal?

As of now the Group of Companies "Damate" is the only company in Russia that produces turkey meat under the Halal label. The range of company includes dairy Halal products as well produced by OJSC Dairy Product Plant "Penzensky" (entering GC Damate). Today, the Group of Companies "Damate" realizing about 80 tons of halal products per month and is planning to increase the volume of its production in order to meet the growing demand.

Halal is a broad concept of purity and conformity to Islamic customs. It is applicable to almost every field of human life, including foods. For Muslims the Halal label is a mark certifying that the products are developed in accordance with Muslim tradition, do not contain any components that can not be eaten (eg, pork, blood) therefore products concerned to be pure.


GC Damate obtained its first certificate on the production of Halal goods in November, 2013.  A large process of checking for compliance with the production processes of the enterprise Islam requirements and norms was conducted before obtaining the certificate. The audit was carried out by experts of the International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification at the Muftis Council of Russia.

During the inspection the Commission assessed the entire process chain of turkey meat production: receiving, hanging, stunning, slaughtering, scalding, cooling, cutting, packaging, storage of poultry meat and semi-finished products. The inspectors analyzed the production, warehouse and office premises of the enterprise, production and technological documentation and materials used in poultry feeding and production. The experts examined the accompanying documents, technological instructions on raw materials and ingredients. The plant personnel demonstrated technological sequence and compliance with the standard requirements for Halal production.

"Damate" poultry meat processing plant is one of the most modern in Europe, it meets strict international standards and can compete with the best foreign analogues. Equipment was installed at the plant to produce meat cutting and semi-finished products of the highest quality. That's why the company every year confirms the right to produce halal products and confirms the certificate for the use of the Halal label for the fourth year.

Halal Turkey Meat Production

The process of turkey meat production at "Damate" consists of several stages. Incubation is the first stage. It is implemented in the hatchery of GC "Damate". An egg comes to the hatchery from the world's leading companies. The incubation process takes 25 days. Then chicks are loaded into boxes and delivered to the rearing poultry house.

The process of young birds rearing delivered from the hatchery is carried out in 36 specially equipped poultry houses that are located at rearing sites in Nizhnelomovsky area. The sites are removed from each other by a distance of at least 300 m to comply with the biosecurity rules. Birds are placed up to 42 days in a rearing poultry house after that they are separated by sex and moved to fattening grounds.

The process of turkey fattening is implemented in specially equipped poultry houses. The feeding sites fully comply with biological safety standards: all buildings are located at a distance from each other, in every house only coeval birds are placed, staff keeps strict sanitary conditions.

Slaughtering is the most important stage of Halal poultry production. Before slaughter poultry stunned by electric shock, the compliance of options is verified by the Halal expert. It’s permitted to conduct poultry slaughter only manually. In such slaughter the meat is bled as much as possible that favorably affects the date of consumption and the taste of meat. All birds delivered to the plant are controlled by representatives of the State Veterinary Service which conducts veterinary and sanitary examination of the birds at a stage of acceptance and during slaughter process. The slaughter operators are the practicing Muslims having a power of attorney from the International Center of Standardization and Halal Certification at the Muftis Council of Russia.

Halal Dairy Products

GC "Damate" produces halal dairy products as well. In July 2015 entering GC "Damate", Dairy Product Plant "Penzensky" was certified at the International Center of Standardization and Certification and received the right to mark their products with halal label. The list of products on which "Molcom" is able to put a Halal label has more than 10 titles, including fluid milk, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, curdled milk mechnikovsk, sour cream, butter and cottage cheese.

The positive decision on the certification of dairy products with Halal label was influenced by the conducted at the enterprise reconstruction of production capacity. The volume of work carried out over several years is impressive: pasteurizing installation has been mounted, several new lines of milk bottling have been introduced, the curd line and installation for the soft cheese production was put into operation, the fleet has been completely renewed, the site of receiving and storage was reconstructed etc. The cheese factory in Belinsky is almost completely renovated. This certificate was another confirmation of the high production standards set by the company.

Halal Products Export

An important confirmation of Halal products quality produced by the GC "Damate" enterprises became the permission for export obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture UAE. The permission was granted in January 2016, it was preceded by serious work. "Damate" started the procedure for obtaining export permission in autumn 2015. In November, the company Rosselkhoznadzor checked for compliance with the requirement of UAE and included it in the register of approved and in December last year representatives of UAE with the Inspectorate visited the facilities of  GC "Damate". The group of doctors and experts from UAE examined in detail turkey meat production process at all stages and the poultry processing plant. The experts praised the high level of organization of production and its compliance with the highest international standards. An important role played the presence of the certificate on production of Halal products.

Distribution Places 

Halal products of GC "Damate" under brands "Indilayt" and "Molcom" can be purchased at chain stores and retail sites across the country. Pay attention to the presence of Halal label on the pack.


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