DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.



23 January 2019

Naum Babaev

NAUM BABAEV, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of MC RUSMOLCO LLC,

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIC DAMATE LLC

Naum Babaev was born on March 17, 1977 in Kislovodsk, Stavropol Area. In 1999 he graduated from the Financial Academy at the Government of the Russian Federation specializing in “Finance and Credit”.

Naum Babaev started his professional career in 1996. Beginning from 2000 he worked in the agro business. Guided by N.A. Babaev and with his direct participation the Company implemented successfully numerous projects, such as:


Establishment of one of the Russia’s major poultry holdings with the full production cycle including 4 poultry farms for growing the parent broiler flock, the hatchery, 2 broiler farms – Petelinskaya in the Moscow Region and Vasilievskaya in the Penza Region;

  • Construction of the Russia’s largest poultry processing plant with the capacity of 9,000 heads per hour;
  • Creation of TM Petelinka and promotion to the market of the new product – cooled broiler meat; construction of the poultry processing plant in the Penza Region;
  • Modernization of the feed mill plant in the Penza Region;
  • Construction of the pig farm with a capacity of 12,000 tons of finished products per year in the Lipetsk Region;
  • In 2006 with participation of Naum Babaev the JSC Group Cherkizovo conducted successfully IPO in the London Commodity Exchange.

 Being one of the acknowledged experts in the poultry business in Russia, Naum Babaev initiated on the part of Russia the establishment of the European Poultry Club that united in 2002 the leading European producers of poultry meat. In 2003 he was elected its Vice-President.


In 2006 Naum Babaev founded the Russian Dairy Company LLC (RUSMOLCO) that at present is one of the major raw milk producers in Russia. The Company managed by him implemented some very serious projects:

  •  Construction from scratch of the complex for 3600 milking cows having no analogs in Russia by equipment status in the Narovchatsky District of the Penza Region;
  • Construction of the modern complex for 1200 milking cows in the Kuznetsk District of the Penza Region;


Modernization of old farms of RUSMOLCO. In early 2012 RUSMOLCO signed the agreement having no precedence in the Russian agriculture with one of the global agrarian leaders – OLAM International on investing to US$ 800 million into cattle husbandry and crop growing in the Penza Region. After implementation of this joint investment program RUSMOLCO will become the Russia’s major milk producer possessing 50 thousand heads of milking cows and will move into TOP-10 world dairy companies.


In 2012 the construction of the complex for 4600 heads in Arshinovka Village in the Narovchatsky District of the Penza Region was launched. In October 2013 the first parcel of cattle – 1080 highly productive Holstein-Friesian breeding heifers – arrived from the USA.

In 2012 Naum Babaev established the Group of Companies DAMATE, the large agricultural holding to implement agrarian projects in poultry growing, dairy cattle husbandry, milk processing and meat production. At present the following projects are ongoing in DAMATE:


Project on turkey growing and processing. This project is designed to produce 60,000 tons of finished products per year. It is implemented in several phases: in 2013 – 15,000 tons of poultry meat in a slaughter weight per year; in 2014 – 30,000 tons of finished products and in 2015 – 60,000 tons.


In December 2012 the Group of Companies DAMATE and the Government of the Tyumen Region signed the agreement on agriculture development in the Tyumen Region. Under this agreement the Company will build the commercial dairy complex for 8800 stalls with a target to produce 88,000 tons of milk annually.


In 2012 DAMATE was joined by the Penza Region’s major milk processing company – Dairy Product Plant Penzensky (MOLCOM) capable to process to 200 tons of milk per day. In spring 2013 the enterprise was extended by purchase of the cheese production line with the design output capacity to 250 tons per day. The plant continues modernization of its production launched in 2011.  

In August 2013 the Government of the Bashkortostan Republic and DAMATE have agreed on launching the project on construction of a dairy complex for 10,000 heads of milk cows. The complex will cover an area of 200 ha and another 30,000 ha will be required to organize feed production. The whole complex will produce 287 tons of milk per day or 105,000 tons per year.