DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

16 February 2019

Objects of DAMATE to start operating in Vadinsky district in 2018

DAMATE Group expands the geographic footprint in Penza region and builds poultry farms in Vadinsky district. After achieving full production capacity, the Vadinsky farm will produce 33.5 thousand tons of turkey meat per year. Thanks to the project, the company will employ 180 people.

Vadinsky district of Penza region joined the territories where the facilities of DAMATE Group operate. The construction of breeding and fattening sites is well under way.

This year, the company plans to build two breeding sites with 8 buildings each, two breeding grounds for the female with 8 buildings and two breeding grounds with 16 buildings.

To date, a breeding and two feeding sites are in the final stage of construction, all of them will be commissioned in August this year. The construction of three more sites is planned for 2019.

In addition to poultry houses, the poultry farm in Vadinsky district includes its own water-intake facility with 4 artesian wells, three sheds for storage of hay and straw, and 2.3 thousand hectares of land for crops growing.

The construction in Vadinsky district is carried out in close cooperation between business and government. According to the project, Penza region has assumed responsibilities for the construction of off-site communications: off-site electricity and water supply networks will be commissioned by the end of August 2018.

In total, Vadinsky poultry farm is designed to produce 33.5 thousand tons of turkey meat. The construction of the facilities is carried out in the framework of Damate’s project for expansion of production capacity up to 155,000 tons per year, the total investment in the project will be 41 billion rubles.

Specialists of DAMATE plan to implement their best practices and experience at new facilities. All sites will be equipped with automatic feeding, drinking and climate control systems from the leading western manufacturer. Particular attention at the design stage was paid to biological safety. All the platforms are equipped with sanitary and disinfectant barriers, the requirements for distance between sites are not less than 500 meters.

Thanks to Damate 180 jobs will be created in Vadinsky district. These are operators of poultry farms, veterinarians, drivers, engineers and technicians.

"The implementation of large-scale projects in agriculture is possible only with the active interaction of investors and a region, when each side assumes obligations and executes them on time and in full," said Director General of DAMATE Rashid Khairov. "I can say that today we have already worked out the best variant of cooperation with regional and local authorities. Construction in Vadinsky district is a good example of teamwork."


June 27, 2018