Damate begins implementation of precision farming project

Turkey production

Damate Group, the largest producer of turkey meat in Russia, has begun the adoption of modern precision farming technology. A pilot project is currently underway in the Kolyshley district of Penza region. Based on innovative technology of electronic field maps studying, differentiated application of liquid fertilizers has already been carried out on an area of ​​670 hectares.

The main goal of differentiated fertilization is to level crop yields. This problem is solved by special metering of fertilizers in areas with pronounced weak or thinned shoots.

At the beginning of June this year, drones flew over the fields. As a result of aerial surveys, special NDVI* maps with landscape analysis were created, the presence or absence of vegetation in the study area. Based on the received maps, technical specifications for sprayers for the differential application of liquid fertilizers have been generated.

At the end of June, a second overflight of fields took place in order to study the dynamics of plant development, identify problem areas and analyze the work of fertilizers.

The precision farming technology implemented by Damate Group is an advanced crop management system based on the use of satellite and computer technologies. Today, with its help, company specialists can accurately calculate the amount of seeds, fertilizers and other resources for each section of the field down to a meter. This helps more rationally distribute resources on cultivated land plots. Thus, it is possible to avoid overrun of resources where they were previously used in abundance, to increase the productivity of those sections of the field with lack of fertilizers, plowing or irrigation.

According to the calculations of Damate specialists, the new technology will allow the company to reduce the production cost and increase the return on each square meter of land. In addition, this technology opens up additional opportunities for improving the quality of plants and on a global scale reduces the burden on the environment.

The total cultivated area of ​​spring and winter crops of Damate Group in 2019 was increased and amounted to over 17 thousand hectares in all areas of the company’s presence: Nizhnelomovsky, Narovchat, Vadinsk, Spassky, Kolyshley and Mokshan. This year, the company used 1.4 thousand hectares for crops in the Kolyshley district. In Penza region, Damate Group is implementing a project for turkey growing and processing with a capacity of 155 thousand tons of product per year. Thus, the company today fully provides the growing livestock with high-quality fodder of its own production.

* NDVI is a popular vegetation index that allows assessing the condition of fields and plants at any point.