Damate carries on construction of third stage of dairy complex in Tyumen

Dairy farming

Damate Group carries on the construction of the third stage of the dairy complex located in the Golyshmanovsky district of Tyumen region. The work is carried out as part of the expansion project, as a result of which the number of cows will increase from 4,600 to 6,000 heads, and the volume of milk yield will be 55 thousand tons per year.

The decision to build the third stage was made in the spring of 2018. The construction is carried out on the same site with the operating dairy complex Damate and provides for the construction of two cowsheds and a gallery.

To date, the laying of foundations in the cowsheds has been completely carried out, metal structures have been made, most of which have already been installed. Roofing and laying of basement reinforced concrete panels are carried out. At the same time, arrangement of water supply, power networks, and a dung removal system are carried out on the site.

Damate has already begun importing livestock for the third constriction stage in order to accelerate the complex’s output at the declared capacity. The first batch of 427 heads arrived in June, another 430 goals arrived in August, and the third final delivery is scheduled for December. In total, the company will deliver 1,250 heifers from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany by the end of 2019.