Damate introduces satellite farming in Tyumen region

Dairy farming

The largest dairy complex in Siberia, the Tyumen Dairy Farms LLC, which is a part of Damate Group, has begun the implementation of a satellite farming project in Tyumen region. According to experts’ estimations, the project will allow the company to reduce the production costs for a unit of output and increase the productivity of each hectare of farmland. Satellite farming will also increase the quality of crop production and reduce the burden on the environment.

Damate’s satellite agricultural project is a crop productivity management system based on a set of satellite and computer technologies. The implementation of the innovative pilot project now goes in three directions: accounting of work using satellite monitoring systems, satellite monitoring of the state of crops, differential application of mineral fertilizers.

All agricultural machinery of the Tyumen Dairy Farms LLC is equipped with satellite monitoring sensors. This helps to determine with mathematical precision the actual volume of work performed, to make adjustments to operational plans online and also to analyze the use of fuels and lubricants. Future plans include tracking of expendable materials usage online. All received information is stored in a single program.

Based on the innovative satellite monitoring technology, the state of the fields can be constantly monitored. Satellite images are interpreted in a special index of crop vegetation. The vegetation index makes it possible to quickly assess the development of crops, their levelness, and the presence of zones with a lag in development.

The information received serves as the basis for the formation of maps of differential fertilization. The main task of differentiated fertilization is the equalization of yield in the fields. It is solved by making special field maps and subsequent dosing of fertilizers in areas with strongly marked weak or emergent seedlings. To date, the advanced technology of differential application of mineral fertilizers has already been tested in Tyumen region on Damate’s fields with an area of ​​113 hectares.

It should be reminded that the total land bank of Damate Group in Tyumen region is almost 13 thousand hectares. The structure of the sown area includes silage corn, alfalfa, annual grasses, spring barley and annual ryegrass. The company fully provides the growing livestock with high-quality fodder of its own production.

Currently, Damate carries outs the project to expand the dairy production complex, as a result of which the population will increase from 4,600 to 6,000 heads. The company has already begun importing livestock from Europe.