Damate to invest 27 million rubles in a charity project in Penza

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Damate Group will invest 27 million rubles in the charity project "New Shores" in Penza region. Funds have already begun arriving in the project account.

Damate acted as a partner of the charity project "New Shores" of Maria Lvova-Belova. Until the end of 2019, Damate will invest 27 million rubles in the construction of houses in an art estate where young disabled people and graduates from children’s home will live in the commune. The project is being implemented in Bogoslovka village of Penza region.

Damate highly appreciates the activities of Maria Lvova-Belova’s team for the social rehabilitation of young people with disabilities.

“Maria and her team have proved more than once that non-profit projects can become drivers for the development of the region, and charity can be a successful business for a large team. Her projects "Block of Louis" and "House of Veronica" are now known throughout the country. Here, young people with disabilities gain a sense of life and new professional skills,” said Rashid Khairov, Director General of Damate Group.

That is why the leadership of Damate Group decided to support the construction of              "New Shores" art estate and to invest 27 million rubles in the project. The money will be sent in parts until the end of 2019, the first tranche has already arrived in the account of the project.

The total cost of the project is more than 190 million rubles; the project is being implemented at the Presidential grant expense and donations from philanthropists. According to the project, "New Shores" art estate comprises 10 houses for living of 80 people. Part of the houses will be designed to accommodate the graduates of "Block of Louis", while others will be hosted by foster families, graduates of orphanages and large families who wish to help people with disabilities. The art Estate "New Shores" will provide housing for members of the commune for a period of one year. On the territory of "New Shores" socially significant objects will also be built: a cinema, a cafe, a bakery, a mini-farm, a garden and a hotel for animals. Every resident of "New Shores" should find a job for himself and work for the benefit of the entire commune during his stay.

“Cooperation with large business companies is very important for us. It is great that business partners support our initiatives and are ready to share our aspirations, that they have a desire to develop the social sphere. Together we try to help disabled people in need. And now we got the opportunity to change the fate of 26 children with disabilities, for whom we will build a whole house on Novy Bereg. The leading company in Penza region – Damate is ready to finance this construction. We are very happy that such reputable holdings as Damate trust us, and together we undertake one great and good deed,” said Maria Lvova-Belova.

The project of "New Shores" art estate creating, as a center for the social rehabilitation of young people in difficult situations, aroused great interest among the region’s governor Ivan Belozertsev, as well as Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Minister of Labor and Social Policy Maxim Topilin and other authorities.