DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding company holding company, involved in three businesses: turkey production and processing, dairy farming and milk processing.

16 February 2019


The Group of Companies "Damate" has opened for their customers "hotline" which allows to communicate with buyers directly and quickly respond to issues related to the quality of products under the brands "Indilayt" and "Molcom".

In GC "Damate" "hotline" for customers has gone into action, those who would like to ask a question or make a suggestion on quality of products manufactured at the Group's enterprises: production of turkey meat "Indilayt" and dairy products "Molcom".

Hotline 8-800-333-07-04 posted on the corporate website www.acdamate.com, websites http://indilight.ru/ www.molkom-penza.ru. "Hotline" phone number is also listed on each individual product packaging "Indilayt" and "Molcom".

In addition, customers have the opportunity to send a letter about the quality of GC "Damate" services by e-mail address posted on the site: turkey@acdamate.com - for turkey meat, milk@acdamate.com - for dairy products.

The quality department employer answers on calls directly, he can promptly respond to emerging issues within its competence and / or redirect the employer of the company depending on the profile of the issue. 

Every call is recorded and processed, communicated to all concerned services for rapid response. If necessary, our specialists go to the consumer or retail sites to clarify the circumstances and issues.

The terms of consideration of appeals - two working days. In special cases when a visit of a place is required or more thorough investigation is needed the review period may be extended to seven days. None of the comments received on the  company address won’t  be left unanswered. All information will be taken into account to improve the production processes and customer service.

From the first day of work GC "Damate" pays special attention to the quality and safety of its products. Each "Damate" enterprise meet the highest standards for the organization of production, sanitary norms are strictly observed at the facilities.

The poultry plant "Damate" - one of the most modern in Europe and can compete with the best foreign analogues. The special equipment is installed at the plant to produce meat cutting and semi-finished products of the highest quality. All production processes from vendor selection and ingredients purchasing to the final inspection of products quality and control of the transport process meet the requirements of quality management systems standards (GOST ISO 9001) and safety (GOST R ISO 22000 (HASSP).

The company also invests in modernization of dairy processing aiming to increase the range and "Molcom" products quality. All processes from acceptance of milk to bottling are automated and the human factor is minimized.

GC "Damate" values ​​its customer’s opinion and believes that they should have the ability to send messages on the quality directly to the company. "Hotline" is an important step towards the continuous improvement of product quality of GC "Damate".