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Turkey production
Duck Production
Lamb Production
Dairy Farming

The largest turkey producer

in Russia

Damate Group is the largest turkey meat producer in the Russian Federation. In 2022, the company produced 216 thousand tons of turkey meat. This is 8% more than in 2021.

216 K tons

of turkey meat

The largest turkey deep processing plant

in Europe
303 tons

per day

500 pieces    

of equipment

Russia's largest

lamb producer

Damate Group is carrying out a project for production of mutton in the North Caucasus Federal District. It includes brooding and fattening sites, a meat processing plant and a service company. 25 thousand tons of product per year

25 K tons

of product per year

80 K

cattle stalls

The largest dairy complex

in Siberia
6K heads

of dairy herd

55K tons

of milk per year

The leading milk processor

in Penza region

of milk production in 2021

300 tons

processing capacity per day

Stock Keeping Unit


Stock Keeping Unit